Compass Webinars

Welcome, Compass Partners!
Here is a list of the webinars which I have developed. The purpose of these is to:

  1. Take you a little deeper into Biblical stewardship
  2. Help you to teach this material yourself.

After watching these webinars, please send me a mail if you want to download the materials used. We are offering:

  1. The powerpoints used
  2. Speaker notes
  3. Background reading material
  4. video material used.

Compass Point 1

  1. “Back to the Gold Standard”  – teaching principles of Gods ownership
  2. “The Power Behind Money” teaching about mammon

Compass Point 2

  1.  “Debt Free” – about borrowing and getting out od debt.
  2. “Making the Right Financial Decisions” – biblical basis for making good financial choices.

Compass Point 3

  1.  “How Much Is Enough” – teaching how to achieve contentment and build margin
  2. “Creating Your Financial Future” – starting on long term planning

Compass Point 4

  1. “Whole Life Generosity” – experiencing the joy of giving for your entire life.
  2. Treasures in heaven” – January 15, 2018