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We are looking forward to our International Compass meeting next year, from February 1-4, , 2018 in Cascais, near Lisbon in Portugal!

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Jesus said to His disciples,  “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Financial freedom comes from learning what the Bible has to say about handling money and possessions. The goal of this conference is to help disciples of Jesus to help others discover what the Bible has to say and then to apply this so that they can experience true financial freedom.

True financial freedom means to be free from worries, anxiety and fear. To be free from the power of money. It is not a destination to reach but a path to be taken. True financial freedom means also being free to be share and to use finances His way.

This conference will focus on how to help people to find this freedom through Biblical advice and counselling.

Conference plenary speakers confirmed.

Dr. Sunil Raheja, psychiatrist, London.

Dr. Raheja will speak on the ‘psychology of money’ and how to help people make better choices.
Visit his website


Dr. Andres Panasiuk, Compass Global leader.
Andres will lead our Bible teaching on “True Financial Freedom.”    Read a short bio here




Dr. Howard Dayton, founder of Compass-finances Gods way. Howard will speak on his new programme, “Charting Your Legacy” on helping wealthy people find true financial freedom.  Read a short bio here


Workshops – more may be added

  1. Developing a ministry to Christian financial advisors.
    This workshop is geared to teaching financial advisors how to give Biblical advice to their clients and how to help clients grow in generosity.
  2. Funding your Compass ministry
    How to raise funds and friends for those working full- or part time in Christian ministry
  3. Charting Your Legacy.
    Howard Dayton will introduce this new programme aimed at wealthy people, helping them to find financial freedom, to finish well and be generous.
  4. How to grow a Compass ministry
    Andres Panasiuk will give practical examples from all over the world on how to help the local Compass work flourish and grow.
  5. Financial Counselling
    Sunil Raheja will draw on his wide experience as a psychiatrist to help us to counsel and mentor people in handling their finances – Gods way.
  6. Business – Gods way.
    Mark Lloydbottom (consultant accountant) and Kurt Bühlmann (entrepreneur)  will host a session discussing Biblical solutions to business challenges.

For whom is this conference?

-Those interested in discovering biblical financial stewardship

-People that want to start a Compass ministry/to start running a course,

-Financial christian counselors,

-Business people that want to run their business on biblical principles,

-Current leaders of Compass groups and national Compass leaders.

Content of the conference

-Digging deeper into biblical financial stewardship

-Knowing how to start a Compass ministry/course

-How to prepare for the coming economic earthquake

-As a professional financial counselor –  how should I advise my clients, biblically ?

-Running a business on biblical principles

Objectives of the conference

-Learn more about biblical financial stewardship teaching

-Equip current Compass leaders to develop their ministry

-Help new leaders to start a stewardship ministry

-Exchange material, best practices between the different countries.

-Equip business people and financial professionals with biblical financial tools

Our meetings will start with a reception at 17:00 on Thursday, February 1 and finish on Sunday, February 4..
The price for the weekend will be € 230 per person. This price includes three  dinners, and the conference costs, excluding hotel.
Hotel details can be found here.
Day guests who live locally can register for € 30 pp for half day sessions, excluding meals.
Please  mail the conference director, Bert Den Hertog with any questions you may have.